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09 junho 2021 Recife - PE, Brasil

We know that technology areas do not stop growing and evolving in the market. If you identify with an area and have already been founded or are thinking of pursuing it, this article is perfect for you!

Programming skills are being valued more and more amidst the competitive landscape we live in, and you don't want to be left behind, right?

For those who want to start their IT career, we have some advice to guide you on this journey with the best certification cost! Are you ready?

1. Take the first step

The IT area is very diverse, there are many paths you can follow and for that it is necessary to choose the side that most identifies you. So the first step that we recommend to you is to delve deeper into the research to find out which profession to specialize.

Some areas you can work on:

  • Developer, ERP Analyst;
  • Data Analyst (Big Data);
  • Information security;
  • Software quality;
  • Infrastructure/Networks and even Management

2. Search for certification courses

There are IT professions that you can pursue without necessarily messing with systems, like Solution Architect. This is a professional who seeks technology solutions, carries out development, infrastructure, database and methodologies, more focused on business than on systems.

Therefore, we emphasize the importance of seeking as much information as possible in diversified areas before making a decision on what to follow.

With that in mind, we recommend SPOTO Club courses, by browsing the courses on the website you can find the ideal certification for your career, have you thought? Even the Solution Architect Exam is available on the platform.

3. Keep Updating

The main tip is to keep up to date, as the IT area is constantly changing you also need constant evolution to keep up with this growth.

Look for forums and technology groups you want to delve into. Talk to other people, seek information from professionals, be always curious and take advantage of every opportunity.

Meeting other people with the same interest as you, gives one more incentive and in this exchange of experiences everyone wins.

4. Take courses

Last but not least, get to know SPOTO Club courses. Founded in 2003, the company has focused on online IT training for 17 years and covers Cisco, PMP, ISACA, CISSP, AWS and other popular IT exams.

If you are looking to pass IT exams, SPOTO Club helps you get it right on the first try. Access spoto.info and learn about the main certifications.

All SPOTO study materials are compiled by experienced IT professionals and experts who have been familiar with the latest exam and testing center for years. So stay safe and start investing in your future now!

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